Annihilating Evil: Scenes of Fighting, Slaying, Trampling and Binding Bad Forces in Art (colloque)

Le 4 novembre 2022 a lieu le colloque « Annihilating Evil: Scenes of Fighting, Slaying, Trampling and Binding Bad Forces in Art » organisé par Magdalena Łaptaś (Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego) en ligne.


The aim of the conference is to discuss various aspects of the fight against evil in art and literature, from pre-Christian to modern times. The conference is mainly about Eastern Christianity. It takes into account not only the Christian slayers of evil, but also their predecessors: Horus, Mithras and Perseus. The papers are arranged to show the overlapping and intermingling of different traditions over the centuries.

Affiche du colloque « Annihilating Evil »
Affiche du colloque « Annihilating Evil »


14h-14h15 : ouverture du colloque, mot de bienvenue de Rafał Solecki the doyen adjoint de la faculté d’histoire et introduction Magdalena Łaptaś

14h15-14h40 : « Mithra and Demons. The paintings in a Syrian Mithraeum » par Michał Gawlikowski (University of Warsaw)

14h40-15h05 : « Annihilating Evil in Coptic Magical Texts » par Korshi Dosoo (University of Würzburg)

15h05-15h30 : « Trampling Evil in Image and Practice » par David Frankfurter (Boston University)

15h30-15h55 : « The Spiritual Battle of Ascetics and Martyrs in the Wall Paintings of the Church of St. Antony Monastery by the Red Sea » par Youhanna Matta (The Institute of Coptic Studies in Cairo)

15h55-16h30 : discussion

16h30-17h00 : pause

17h00-17h25 : « Perseus and other antique monster-slayers as precursors of the heavenly avengers » par Delphine Lauritzen (Université Paris Sorbonne)

17h25-17h50 : « ‘Holy Rider’ Magical Amulets from Late Antiquity and Early Byzantium » par Juraj Franek (Masaryk University, Brno) 

17h50-18h15 : « Otherworldly Justice: The Image of St. George Slaying Diocletian » par Stephen Snyder (Boğazci University, Istanbul)

18h15-18h40 : « Trampling, Spearing and Binding the Evil Forces in Nubian Mediaeval Painting » par Magdalena Łaptaś (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw)

18h40-19h10 : discussion

19h10-20h00 : pause

20h00-20h25 : « Fighting the Devil in Ethiopian Art (13th-18th centuries) » par Tania Tribe (SOAS, University of London)

20h25-20h50 : « Images of Diseases as Devils in the icons of Saints-Healers » par Todor Todorov et Vanya Sapundzhieva (St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo)

20h50-21h15 : « Mother of God beating the devil: the legend of Theophilus of Adana depicted in Medieval artworks » par Magdalena Łanuszka (International Cultural Centre in Krakow)

21h15-21h45 : discussion

21h45 : conclusions

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