Magic Un/disciplined: A Societas Magica International Conference

Du 2 au 4 septembre 2022 a eu lieu le colloque « Magic Un/disciplined » organisé par Matthew Melvin-Koushki (University of South Carolina) et Marla Segol (University at Buffalo) pour la Societas Magica à l’Université de Caroline du Sud.

Le cercle des lettres (dāʾirat al-ḥurūf) d'après les enseignements de pseudo-Hermès
Le cercle des lettres (dāʾirat al-ḥurūf) d’après les enseignements de pseudo-Hermès
Source : al-Ḫwārizmī, Traité sans titre, MS Paris, BnF, Arabe 2357, fol. 210v.


Vendredi 2 septembre 2022

Session 1 : Astrology and astral magic


Modérateur : Tuna Artun (Rutgers University)

Margaret Gaida (California Institute of Technology) : « Rethinking Islamic “Influence” in Premodern Europe: The Case of Astrology and Astral Magic »

Alex Matthews (University of Chicago) : « The Daʿwa Abides: Fāṭimid Astrology as a Challenge to ʿAbbasid Rule »

Kathryn Evans (Independent scholar) : « Thābit ibn Qurra al-Ḥarrānī and Jacques Lefèvre d’Étaples’ De magia naturali » *

Jeremiah Hackett (University of South Carolina) : « Roger Bacon on Astral-Natural Magic »

11h00-11h15 : pause café


Session 2 : Medicine as magic


Modérateur : Nicholas Harris (University of Pennsylvania)

Tiana Blazevic-Bastow (Macquarie University) : « Crows’ eggs, root of peony and dung of a dove: Magical Cures for Epilepsy in Four Medieval Medical Texts » *

Caitlin Yool (University of Aberdeen) : « Breaking the Boundaries: Revisioning pharmaka in Ancient Greece » *

12h15-14h15 : déjeuner


Session 3 : Magic modernities


Modérateur : Noah Gardiner (University of South Carolina)

Amy Hale (Independent scholar) : « Antimodernism or ‘Staying with the Trouble’: Emerging Paradigms for Magical Futures in Contemporary Occulture » *

Daniel Harms (State University of New York) : « Conceptualizing an Information Infrastructure for Magical Studies in the Twenty-First Century » *

Samuel P. Gillis Hogan (University of Exeter) : « “He took her by the milk-white hand”: A Case Study of Inquisitorial and White-Supremacist Reactions of the Current ‘Alt-right’ Movement to Modern Magic/Fairy Scholarship » *

Zoe Katzen (Loyola Marymount University) : « Astral Clairvoyance: Chronicles and Methods in the Lyrics of Killah Priest »

Ted Hand (Independent scholar) : « The Influence of Frances Yates on Terence McKenna »

16h15-16h30 : pause café


Session 4 : Artes magicae


Modérateur : Jeremiah Hackett (University of South Carolina)

Claire Fanger (Rice University) : « Prayers, Figures and Visualizations: John of Morigny’s Visionary Technologies » *

Mai Lootah (Rice University) : « Visionary Practices in Royal Courts: Images and Texts as Divinatory Agents in the fālnāma »

Zachary Schwarze (Rice University) : « Inspired Images: Art, Occultists and Visionary Experience in Late Modern Europe » *

19h : dîner


Samedi 3 septembre 2022

Session 5 : Feminist magics


Modérateur : Sarah Waheed (University of South Carolina)

Amina Inloes (The Islamic College, London) : « The Hand of Fāṭima (khamsa/ḫamsa) in Shiʿi Islam »

Maria Amir (University at Buffalo) : « Jugni as Jadoo: Exploring Themes of Magical Realism in a Spark » *

10h-10h15 : pause café


Session 6 : Lettrism and prayer


Modérateur : Matthew Melvin-Koushki (University of South Carolina)

Vladimir Rozov (Saint Petersburg State University) : « Spatial Conceptualization of Islamic dhikr and the Eastern Orthodox ‘Prayer of the Heart’ (umnaya molitva) » *

Amin Mansouri (Central Washington University) : « The Tablet and The Pen: ʿAzīz Nasafī (f. 13th century) and Quranic Lettrism » *

Carlos Grenier (Florida International University) : « God in Slippers: Deciphering the West Anatolian Hurufi Community of the Fifteenth Century » *

11h30-13h30 : déjeuner


Session 7 : Witchery


Modératrice : Rochelle Rojas (Kalamazoo College)

Abigail Mitchell (University of Southampton) : « Revisiting Rebecca West: Creative and Community-based Histories of the Essex Witch Trial of 1645 »

Debora Moretti (University of York) : « Magic Practices and Witchcraft Beliefs in post-Enlightenment Italy: From Folk- Medicine to Folklore Traditions » *

Annabel MacPherson (La Trobe University) : « The Greco-Roman Witch in Shakespeare’s Macbeth » *

Monica Stenzel (Spokane Falls Community College) : « “Adversitie, greefe,” and “bewitched in the privie members”: Sustainability Concerns from Witches to CEOs »

Manuel Padro (Independent scholar) : « The Good Witch Must Also Die: The Persecution of Joseph Smith, Nineteenth-Century Witchcraft Belief and Satanic Panic in the Second Great Awakening » *

15h30-15h45 : pause café


Session 8 : Magic crosspollinations


Modérateur : Andrew Berns (University of South Carolina)

Catherine Rider (University of Exeter) : « Magic Crossing Religious Boundaries: Christian and Muslim Magical Practitioners and the Inquisition in Malta, c. 1600-1610 » *

Rochelle Rojas (Kalamazoo College) : « Magic in Michoacan: The Trials of Atanacio de la Cruz »

Ilona Gerbakher (Columbia University) : « The Jews Bewitched Muhammad: Practical Magic and Communal Identity in Seventh-Century Arabia » *

Veronica Menaldi (University of Mississippi) : « Supernatural Continuities: A New Lilith Resurfaces from Medieval Kabbalistic Sources in Contemporary Entertainment »

19h : dîner


Dimanche 4 septembre

Session 9 : Sex magic


Modératrice : Marla Segol (University at Buffalo)

Sonia Wigh (University of Edinburgh) : « Ṭilismāt-i ulfat va maḥabbat: Pursuing Intimacy, Love and Occult Practice in Early Modern North India » *

Lauren Hamm (Independent scholar) : « Nú mun hon sökkvask: The Connection between Prophetic Magic and the Feminine in Old Nordic Religion »

Simon Eales (University at Buffalo) : « Harder or softer? Faster or slower? Contemporary Sex Magic and Its Transmission Issues » *

10h30-10h45 : pause café


Session 10 : Pandora’s box opened


Table ronde conclusive avec les participant᛫e᛫s du colloque, ainsi que (en ligne) Emily Selove (University of Exeter), Claire Fanger (Rice University), David Porreca (University of Waterloo), Kira Robison (University of Tennessee) et Dan Attrell (University of Waterloo)

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